KVM/ARM Open Source Project

Staging for all KVM/ARM development

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Welcome to KVM/ARM Open Source Project

We aim to provide fast, reliable, broad support for ARM virtualization in the Linux kernel.


There is a a main developement mailing list dedicated for the project. All patches for review, improvement suggestions or other issues related to the development and maintenance of the KVM/ARM code base should go here:

There is also the "kvm-arm" IRC channel on Freenode.

Virtual Open Systems (website) maintains a guide on how to set up a KVM testing environment using the FAST models.

Hardware Support

KVM/ARM has been tested and verified on ARM's FAST Models and on the following physical hardware platforms:

Development Workflow

Patches should be sent to the kvmarm mailing list (see above) and should be cc'ed to the linux-arm-kernel mailing list http://www.arm.linux.org.uk/mailinglists/lists.php.

We maintain two stable (non-rebasing) public branches:

We currently have one unstable branch, which rebases any time (please take care accordingly):


Christoffer Dall (@chazy) is the maintainer of KVM/ARM.